Whilst on safari electricity and internet connections are very limited and can be very sporadic. Most permanent tented camps and lodges will have a central charging deck, usually next to the mess area, where you will be able to charge camera batteries etc.

Cell service

Guest’s will have full roaming capability on 3G while staying on the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, so make sure you pre-purchase your data package with your cell provider. Whilst at our Mobile Camps we will always carry Satellite Phones which can be used in an emergency.


The voltage of these sockets is not strong. They have 240-volts output and therefore not suitable for large electronic devices such as hairdryers. It is recommended to bring extra batteries or camera grips to ensure that your camera doesn’t run out of juice at the pivotal moment.

In Kenya, the most common electrical socket is the 3 pin plug – identical to that used in the UK.


The electricity in these camps is most commonly solar-powered, therefore the power and the timing of it being switched on can be inconsistent, but most camps will try to turn on electricity and Wi-Fi for a couple of hours in the afternoon. It can be usually be turned on, on request to the Camp manager.

When staying in one of our mobile camps, please know that we really are going back to the old days of safari. There is no wifi connection and electricity can be used only when a backup, diesel fuelled generator is turned on. We recommend arriving at our mobile camps with electronic devices fully charged.

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