This Code of Conduct is designed to help ensure a safe environment for Summit Junto members to share, learn, and build meaningful relationships. All members must abide by the following policies, which herein comprise the Summit Junto Code of Conduct.

The fundamental pillar of Junto is confidentiality. You must honor the privacy and confidentiality of members and their experiences. Everything shared within your Forum is strictly confidential unless otherwise indicated with the explicit consent of your fellow Junto members.

  • Be kind and act with integrity.

  • Uphold Junto‚Äôs safe space -- encourage open sharing of ideas and perspectives.

  • Be punctual, fully present, and participatory.

  • Do not harass anyone sexually, verbally or otherwise.

  • Practice anti-racism and work to actively unlearn biases that can cause harm in our community and society more broadly.

  • Do not solicit members unless invited to do so.

  • Accept and embrace the diversity of perspectives across the Summit Junto community.

As a community, we are constantly learning, unlearning, and growing. Together, we maintain trust and safety by holding clear boundaries and committing to the Code of Conduct.

Members must affirm each year that they understand and commit to the Code of Conduct. Violations of this code could result in a loss of membership without refund of annual membership fee.

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