Summit currently produces four types of events for community members:

FLAGSHIP (Summit at Sea, Summit 2017)

Our flagship events are the cornerstone of our offering. For three days each year, we gather the best and up-and-coming artists, speakers, performers, wellness experts, renowned chefs, and more in surreal environments for an experience like no other. The best part: friendships new and old.

MOUNTAIN SERIES (Powder Mountain, UT)

Two-night, choose-your-own adventure weekends at our four-season mountain resort in Eden, Utah with everything from skiing, horseback riding, hiking, biking, and boating to golf, sunset cocktails, long table dinners, massages, comedy, music, and more.

CITY (New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles)

Sporadic, brief pop-up events in major cities often co-hosted by local community members. These range from post-work cocktails and dinners to music performances and meditation sessions.

EXCURSIONS (Summit Sarara)

Group trips that take the community places where members unplug, deepen relationships, and immerse themselves in foreign environments.

Learn more about Summit and past events here.

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