Summit remains committed to building a diverse and inclusive community. In order to make our events more comfortable for new parents, we are excited to announce the addition of a nursery room to the Summit LA18 campus. This space will be accessible to new parents and children ages 2 and under. The space will contain nursing amenities as well as cribs, changing tables, and play spaces. Childcare will not be provided, but any privately hired daycare professionals will be permitted in the nursery room.

We encourage parents to bring their new children age 2 and under to LA18, but we ask that they remain in the nursery room or in open-air spaces on campus. We ask that children age 2 and under and their nannies refrain from entering closed programming spaces such as theaters and the haven, evening entertainment and music, and seated meals. 

There will be no dedicated space or programming for children ages 2 to 21. Children in this age range will not be permitted in event spaces. Please plan accordingly!

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